Corob Tatocolor

COROB™ TATOCOLOR is the perfect balance of performance, reliability and an efficient compact automatic dispenser all in one. The TATOCOLOR has proven for over twenty years its capability of being an efficient business partner, while operating at one of the lowest costs in relation to the high performance levels delivered. The compact frame, with the higher working level for the can positioning makes the TATOCOLOR an ideal unit when the need to handle small and medium sized canisters is the case.


  • Automatic Simultaneous
  • Gear pump
  • Up to 16 canisters
  • Solvent based, water based, universal
  • Up to 1 litre
Corob TatoColor

  • Gear pump technology
  • 16 canisters in 3 l size
  • Solvent based, water based, universal colorants
  • Flow rate up to 1 l/min
  • 077 ml smallest dispense
  • Active nozzle closure
  • HWD 1363x950x600

  • Paint
  • Coatings
  • Inks